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Sunday, May 20, 2012

BYH BARN looky lou

I am so lucky!!!
you are going to be soooooo jealous...
soooo jealous
I got invited to the barn yesterday!!!
Gals this is going to be AWESOME!!!
the whole fam was there
K, R, B, Z, L, Momar, & Pepar
there were also the BYH Boys workin hard on...
design-n, cut-n, nail-n, measure-n, and lots more
GALS this is going to be AH-MAZING...
and of course I got you behind the scenes pics
You are welcome!!!

let the pics begin...
the front... even though the sign says CLOSED I got to go in... but you can't... even though a few of ya tried... you can't until it says OPEN!!!

walk in and does this look familiar??? and even though your eyes want to focus on R's FAB hot Pink purse look you should recognize the check-out counter

the back of the counter... and the makings of a new and improved counter...K said it is going to be L shaped...
and I heard there are going to be 2 registers

HOLLA... there are going to be 3 dressing rooms... THREE... I can here all of ya cheering... and they are roomy too!!!

there are 4 rooms downstairs and this one is going to be the clothes room... I always LOVE how they use old doors

OOOHHHH a secret room... shhhhhh don't tell... plus the plan is to cover it up :)

another room.. and right now it is Pepar's room BUT when BYH BARN is going to be the JEWELRY ROOM!!!

Momar brought the best lunch!!! really this is what it looked like before everyone dove in... YUMMY!!!

some fab finds just waiting for their new home

head up stairs... YES there is an UPSTAIRS!!!  follow Z

this is going to be the SALE section... all sales racks and sale items will be housed up here

and look at this space... it is the future home of K&R's FAB office and lots of storage
Z&D were having fun running around and peeking out the window

on the other side of the office space is another great room... this is going to be TOMS storage

another view of the TOMS storage room

another view of the future OFFICE...can't wait to see what the girls do with this

and the back view... K&R even have FAB plans for this space too... vintage and bright were some words that were thrown out!!!

so there ya have it...
this place is going to be the BESTEST BARN EVA
and I heard some side convo about being ready in EARLY JUNE...
now that is soon!!!

and I don't want you to forget about
 Ali Dee

she will be at the BYH BRACKEN store
for her American Dream Tour

from 5-7
come and meet and greet
see her cute tees
eat some great treats
it is going to be FAB!!!



  1. Sooooooooooooo excited!!!!! I live here and LOVE IT

    I am so proud of y'all!!!

    God bless (:

  2. Hey, can you tell me where those BYH girls are getting their doors? I need a new desk in my office and I think an old door might be a great start! I'd love to hear from you...dawn(at)


  3. excited! I drive by there every day on the way home, and I saw some "action" at the barn a few days ago, but I had no idea it was the new BYH digs! So happy for y'all (and me - cuz now there will be more "bling & things" to drool over!!) Love y'all...