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Friday, December 9, 2011

Spreading Some Christmas Cheer

I already knew K&R were AH-MAZING
BUT today really proved it!!!
BYH sponsored a Christmas Themed Door Decorating Contest
at their Elementary Alma Mater!!!
It was SPECTACULAR to say the least!!!
Ed Franz Elementary
doors were dripping in Christmas Cheer!!!
The contest was announced last week and the rules were simple....
1- had to be themed after the teacher's favorite holiday song
2- must be at least 50% made
3- sparkle

EASY right....
well here are the doors
I'll tell you the grade and song and then at the end
YOU see if you can guess who the winners were!!!

Door 1- library (decorated by 4th graders)
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
even the ceiling was dripping in
sparkled snowflakes

 door #2 - 5th grade
his nose even lights up
 door #3 - 5th grade
Frosty the Snowman
comes with an Ed Franz teaching badge too!!!
 door #4 - decorated by Mrs. Christi's class (range from 2nd to 5th graders)
I think it was We Wish You a Merry Christmas
99% kid made :)
 door #5 - 5th grade
Frosty the Snowman
not sure if you can tell BUT this one is 3D
big puffy FROSTY!!!
 door #6 - Cafeteria - decorated by all grades pre-k through 5th
12 Days of Christmas
really pretty and the drawings are SUPER adorable
 door #7 - kinder decorated the custodians' closet
song is Thistle Hair the Christmas Bear
look that song up
was told it was by Alabama
the bear's nose is 3d and is super CUTE
 door #8 - pre -k
this one stole my heart because it is made from their hand prints and footprints

 door #9 - kinder
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
this one was really sparkly
and the trees were made out of hands
and the kiddos had drawn themselves
walking IN a winter wonderland

 Door #10 - Pre k
Silver Bells
each little pre kinder
decorated a bell
 door # 11 - first grade
Frosty the Snowman
look at all of those
I would say this is WAY over 50% KID MADE!!!
 door 12 - first grade
All I Want For Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth
half of the kids in this class are missing their front teeth
and so they were on the bottom asking for their 2 front teeth
and the other half of the class were the elves on the top and
they were packing Santa's bag with teeth!!!
 door #13 - first grade
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
this door was pop-n'
the kids made these cute houses out of scrapbook paper
and it was BEE U TEE FULL
on the black background

 door #14 - nurses' door (decorated by various kids)
Holy Night
get it HOLE-eee night
they had tons of holes punched in the background

 door 15 - 2nd grade
I am super sad this is BLUrrrrry
the snowflake border was a great accent

 door #16 - 2nd grade
O Christmas Tree
ahhhhhhh- look at those stockings
toooooo cute
 door #17 - 2nd graders
Hark the Herald Angel Sing
the kids made 3D singing angels
(shhhh... this was one of my faves)

 door #18 - 4th grade
The 12 Days of a Texas Christmas
the 12 days are Texas themed
with most of the Texas symbols represented
they even added Aggies for the girls
 door 19 - 4th grade
Chipmunk Christmas Song
ok this was way detailed
right down to the Hula Hoop
and a popcorn trim on the hand print tree
makes you smile for sure
 door #20 - 3rd grade
great sparkling dreidles
were swirling all over this door
and the Star of Davids were shining too

door 22 - 3rd grade
Feliz Navidad
this was the sparkliest by far
and it came COMPLETE with MUSIC
do you see the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling
what about the little kids with their ponchos and sombreros
 door 23 - 4th grade
Made completely out of torn pieces of paper
this Grinch was a GIANT mosaic!!!
the kids wanted him popping out of a box
so he is coming out of a Christmas Decorations box and
got tangled in the lights

 SO any guesses on which doors won???
can you place the top 3???
well it was a VERY CLOSE RACE!!!
really just one point between 1st and 3rd place

OK did you get your top ten???
so here they are the winners!!!

3rd place was Miss Heather and her
2nd place went to....

Miss Rachel Kelley
who happens to be R's former kinder teacher
(what was this rigged????)
the girls had a very detailed rubric to fill out
and to tell you the truth there had to be a tie breaker for 1st
and 3rd
and so do you know who the winner is

drum roll please
(enter little drummer boy)
and the WINNER IS.....
Miss Shelley's
2 Front Teeth themed door
really this door is so
so so
so so so
so so so so
so so so so so
so so so so so so
so so

I wish I could blow up the pic so you could see it SUPER close
but you will just have to take my word for it!!!
the BYH girls were so so so
AH-MAZING and they brought
to the halls

thanks so much girls
and if you want
GO BACK TO THE FB page and put what your top 3 choices were


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

make your own t-scarf

Hey chicas...
thought I would bring you a cool
that you can use to make some really neat gifts
 for ALL of your FRIENDS
FIRST find a t-shirt that is 100 % cotton
and SOFT
and try to get a color that you like or
your friend would like...
needs to be L, XL, or XXL

I found this grey and black striped #
at my second favorite store...

in order to make a scarf for each of your buds
be sure to get your shirts on sale :)
start by cutting right under the armpits...
never thought I would use that word on this blog
just the word is gross but the thought of the word is

anywho... cut under the armpits and then put the armpitty portion to the side
you don't need that part anymore
next cut the bottom hem off
and put it to the side
you do need this at the end
start cutting strips
they need to be no bigger than an inch
I just used my thumb as a benchmark...
I never used a ruler
just my thumb and knuckle :)
keep-n it EASY!!!
the stripes on this shirt made it easy to cut

make sure you pick a GOOD pair of scissors too!!!
try not to make your cuts look like a kindergartner cut it

after you have all of your strips cut out...
try to have at least 12
you need to line them up using the seam as your guide
 lay the seams one on top of another
keep stacking the seams
when  you get all of them stacked
you need to pull from both sides to get the strips to stretch out!!

now don't pull like you are the HULK
BUT pull hard enough on the strips so that the edges curl up

keep pulling and stretching
the strips will become much longer
lay them out and match up the seams again

if you think you would like the strips longer you can stretch the strip
one by one

when you are done stretching
be sure to line up the seams again!!!
grab the hem piece you cut off earlier
and cut off both seams so you
get 2 strips
stretch those two pieces
you will pop the hem and that is FINE!!!
stretch stretch stretch

take one hem piece and tie it around ALL of the strips right next to where
the seams are lined up
you will tie it into a VERY TIGHT knot

start wrapping  the strip around the loops...
wrap it tight...
keep wrapping and try to keep it even
stop after you have covered the seams...
I usually have one that is about 1 1/2 inches long
when you decide you have wrapped it enough
you tie it off with one of the strips
again tie a tight knot

trim the extra off
you will do this for the other end of seams too
try to make them the same length!!!
and now you are done!!!
to wear it you double it around your neck!!!
with the seam wrappers in the back
I am making these for all of my best buds
I have bought tees in all of their favorite colors
OR their college colors...
uh oh ... longhorn colors on the blog...
watch out...
K&R can pretty much assume this orange t-scarf is not theirs!!!

one thing I want you to notice is
the gray striped tee was a size large
and the orange one was a double X
it doesn't really show in the pics but the orange one
is much longer

alrighty that is my HOW TO
I hope you liked it and I hope you go and make one of these!!!
I get TONS of compliments on mine!!!