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Saturday, December 22, 2012

2nd annual door decorating contest

 It is that time of year
when the girls are super busy
BUT they take time out of their busy schedule to visit their former
for the.....

 this year the theme was
the 12 Days of Christmas!!!

let the tour begin...

 each globe has an idea on how to
super sweet and super sparkly
 Mrs. Claus' 12 Days to the elves

 BQ loves this one!!! it was done by the recycling club...
soooo cute and crafty!!

 the nurses got into the Holiday Spirit too...
4 bug bites, 12 chapped lips,
 a few doors didn't follow the theme
BUT were still uber

going through the 12 grades...
this one had real icicle lights on the tree
clever clever
and the background makes the tree POP
 this too was one of my faves
her class' hands made the leaves
and on each of the 12 tags was a class rule!!!
very unique and brainy 2nd graders!!!

 3D ladies dancing and drummers drumming...
tu tu cute
 how amazing are these kinder artist?
 close up for a better look
 on the 13th day this kinder class wanted a snowman....
thinking outside the box!!!

 a number tree
love love love
and kinder made
 looks real sleek
be sure to get a little is hilarious
 who in the world wants all those birds?
too funny
 firsties doing the twelve days

 Texas 12 Days
done by kids from all grades
by a teachers' assistant
very sparkly too
 5th graders came up with this
and took pics all over the school to get it complete

 YAY to this door
because a long term sub did it with her class...
the teacher had knee replacement surgery!!!