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Bless Your Heart Giftique is located in Bracken Village. A quaint shopping village on the Northside of San Antonio. Bless Your Heart was established in the fall of 2000. We specialize in all things girly and fabulous!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Barn Raising

I have some more inside pics for ya...
Today starts the big move...
Don't worry the store is still open til six
all the BYH Babes will stay late to get the
BYH Barn Raising under way...
so I'll stop talking and show you some more pics :)
stuff is in storage... dressing rooms have doors... and Pepar is finishing the check out counter!!!

the clothes room has places to hang and fold clothes.... Tyler candles are moving in

BYH BARN is still not open to the public BUT L & Z want you to bring a friend when it does open AND
Lynn said she would always welcome any carmel colored-DIET soda!!!

 be on the look out for more pics from the BYH BARN RAISING
and keep your eyes out on FB for any updates or changes in schedule :)

PEACE * LOVE & Movin on UP

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