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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ViVa TaBLeScApEs

K&R were recently invited
to decorate a tablescape for the
Kappa Kappa Gamma's 15th annual Tablescapes!!!

Not sure what that means....
me neither so I looked it up!!!
So here is the low down...

Tablescapes features over 40 deliciously decorated tables
this is the 15th annual Tablescapes
it is San Antonio Kappa Alumnae Association's primary fundraiser
last year they raised over $30,000 for various local organizations
It was November 7-8
at the San Antonio Country Club
Monday there was a Wine reception
Tuesday was the table viewing and luncheon...

LOTS of stuff huh???
were there and they got their DECORATION ON!!!

Monday night the girls got to join the Kappas
and MISS K took some really great pics....
under the pics are K's comments in BLACK
and I added some of my own comments in BLUE
just because I can :)


Good Golly there were some pretty tables...we loved this one, so many flowers, including succulents (which we love), they used a pallet as a table and...check out the next pic

I am all for succulents BUT this BQ loves her some hydrangeas YUMMMMM

a baby's breath's breath hasn't been cute since Steel Magnolias...and they did it!! so fun
OOOHHHH I love Steel Magnolia's Blush and Bashful....
more to enjoy...this is the same table...being rookies we didn't know you could bring in side tables, but so cute
I KNOW K&R they are already planning next year's
table and KNOWING that they can add more tables
OH EMM GEE you are in trouble!!!
love the colors in this table by jewelry artist Bejeweled, Coral is so pretty!!
I am LuV-N the shrimp plates... like big OL {puffy} HEART LOVE

This one just the canopy they created with fabric, leaves and hanging candle globes
look real close.... do you see those cute little birdy nests???
OOOOH too cute

HEB's...Christmas Festive
WOW pretty impressive
they have some

My personal fave...Jullian Gold, now that's what I'm talking about!!! it was an out of Africa Theme...they had palms on the and even covered the chairs in animal print jackets!! the BOMB
I am really liking the colors...
purple and orange?
and not to mention I LOVE globes and I see globes!!! cute right?!
and BURLAP...who doesn't love BURLAP right now
it is so PINTERESTing!!!

PLUS...I really want their favor...check out their cute wrapping
Julian Gold favors??? You had me at GOLD!!!

This one was pretty awesome too...they cut their table out to look like an artists the umbrellas and the hats...wha't not to love
this is AH-MAZING

Look a their super cute's a marker wheel!!
I LOVE MARKERS and what a great idea so AH-SOME!!!

This one was really pretty and smelled the white flower pinata...and all the fabric too
do you stuff a flowered pinata with candy?
HMMMM ponder that...
what would you stuff this pinata with?

i think i want to collect plates like these, all the colors just make me happy
HEY K I have plates like this and you can have them...
now I just have to go find them in my storage room
I mean garage :)
for reals they are yours!!!

Our neighbor at Sunset Ridge...Aquarius...Love their color choices and how they sparkle
Sparkle is always good!!!

Another fun neighbor at Sunset Ridge...Belles and Beaus! Adorable baby and children's shop...
this is precious!!!

pretty in pink
and I see a glass dome or two!!!

Love the cute jacket and the baby doll too
and the glass domes

mmm...glittered clothespins, good idea
also PINTERESTific!!!

Our room neighbor's really pretty bird tablescape...
loving the bird thing BUT were any birds placed above the plates...

Love this big PiNk rose and the aqua pin glam
the view of the BYH Tablescapes...too bad we can't change the wallpaper, it doesn't really go
who is looking at the wallpaper..
this table is VIVA Fantastico!!!

The goggles (duh), saint bracelet, Rose clip and an Aye Que Linda T-shirt...yay (also, check out our flower arrangements in pepper cans...thank you Pinterest)

beer goggles...heck yeah... we are here for the PARTAY!!!

Impromtu centerpiece...we had a glorious oil cloth umbrella planned for the center, but alas, it was a HoT MeSs and thankfully we have a few things on hand...

sugar skulls and saint candles OH MY

Viva Fiesta...

would you expect anything less?


more cuties...we borrowed a few things...

would not be complete without a few
jackarses  donkeys
really only BYH can make
donkeys look cute

the serving platters are perfecto


well girls I think we all know which was our favorite...

I mean really the shrimp one had me from the beginning!!!
I loved the color combo and CORAL!!!
I kid
really a couple of crustacean plates could not compete
with this over the top FieSTa FabULouSneSS!!!

good job girls and can't wait to go with you next year
I mean see what you do next year!!!

PEACE * LOVE & Donkeys

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