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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Magic of Christmas meets BYH

So when you get invited to the Christmas Affair in Austin
you don't say NO!!!
You ask when!!!
This is the 3rd year I have gone and it is a BLAST
It is SOOOOOOO worth the drive!!!
and the traffic
and the parking cost
and did I mention the traffic...
anywho SO WORTH IT!!!!
Every year the Junior League of Austin picks a FaNtaBuLouS theme and
this year they did not disappoint!!!
The theme is.....

Well what do you do when you get there?
First you OOH and AHHHH over the decor!!!!

and then of course
Go find these CrAy CrAy girls...

one of their  SHOW neighbors is from Laredo and they told the girls
the BYH booth is more FeStiVe than a FiEsTa
(well not really in those words... but kinda)
and can you believe these girls did NOT win best booth...
insert super frowny face here

BUT we did not let that ruin our fun!!!!
K&R had recruited one of their besties to come help and work!!!
and e loves the flamingo
E held down the fort while K,R,& I (and my mama) went on a shopping trip...
straight to Ga GA's booth

Ga Ga is a modern baby and children's boutique located in Austin....
2810 Manchaca Rd. to be more specific...
BUT today they were K&R's fave booth...

the booth is super cute and has some great baby gear
I LOVED the rubber teething necklaces...
YES teething necklaces...
look them up here
super cool

BUT that is not what k&r had in mind...
do you see those cute dresses hanging up
L&Z needs one or two...

decisions decisions...
these cute dresses are made out of vintage scarves...
and are WAY cute for RODEO time!!!
and after a lot of talk and pointing and looking and talking and pointing
k&r finally agreed

Z gets the green one...YAY
good choice girls!!!
after a quick
yes yes hold this
we will be back
ok thank you
we left
and headed back for the BYH fabulous fiesta booth
(that didn't win a prize)

BUT on the way back R spots this...

and she bought me one...
under a deal that if there was some UBER goodness
I give her that and then I could have the rest...
did I mind
so which one to pick????

I picked the cute one with the polka dotted ribbon right in front...
the object of this is to shake the boxes and see which ones feel heavier than the others...
the heavier it is the more coupons inside :)

I grabbed the box and headed back to R

I let her do the honors of opening OUR box...
we had 4 coupons inside...BUMMER
you can get up to 8
now look at her face... is that a good face or not good face?

these are the coupons we got...
ONE REALLY Good one was Basic Couture..
ALL of our coupons were for $25 worth of merchandise from 4 different booths...
R OF COURSE kept Basic Couture....
it is a really neat booth that specializes in personalized products...
plates, clothes, pillows, and much much more...
R gave me the other 3 coupons and I was on a mission to find these other booths...

did I mention my mom came with me?
It is like a tradition we go together every mom and daughter times fo SHO

anywho... we (mom and I) set out to find these other booths
to collect on our FREE $25 in merchandise :)
along the way we stopped at other booths too...

one of the booths was selling these cute book sets...
so cute and would be perfect for my D!!!

another booth we (mom & I) liked
was BMiley Designs
Belinda creates these AH-Mazing and fantastic yarn wreaths...
Mom and I couldn't decide on which ONE to get...
there were so many cute ones to choose from!!!

really thought the black and white one was my FAVE but then I saw....

those swinging OWLS are to die for...
I LOVE owls!!!!
BUT then I spotted this....

and I LOVE LOVE LOVE gnomes!!!!
These were all super cute!!!
 well let's make a LOOOOONG search very short....
mom and I found the other 3 booths
1 was a pottery booth and had BEE U TEE FULL platters and chargers and place settings
but those things were not on my on to the next booth...
then we found the next one...
it was a BBQ place...
not on my list...
then the last one I had was for a jewelry booth...
we knew it was a good one because
it was SUPER hard to get in there
their stuff was real SpArKLy
and we know I LOVE SPARKLY!!!
mom and I looked and looked at all of their YUMMIES
but in the end I felt slightly guilty and decided to give that coupon to R too!!!
So we headed back to the BYH Booth
which by the way did NOT win  a booth award (did I say that)

see how FESTIVE FIESTA it is???
it is AYE QUE LINDA!!!

when mom and I got back I got to see some BYH favorites...

like Daphne
and  Denise

Denise was busy telling K&R her plan
to tackle the mass amount of delicious and unique booths
at the Palmer Center...
she had a good plan...
first she was going to get a map
then OOOH & AHHHH over the huge tree and decor
then she was going to buy one of those mystery box thinga ma jigs
then she was going to go up and down the rows
and use all of her coupons from her mystery box...
good plan D
good plan

I like the get a map idea!!!
Mama and I could have used one when we were
searching for our coupon stores!!!

so that about sums up my (and my mama's) trip to
Christmas Affair...
It was a BLAST and always is!!!
I highly suggest you go and check it out!!!
It is worth the trip!!!

OH you want to know what I bought?
WELL.... I got some stocking stuffers and a t-shirt and
of course I bought the show special...2 for $20

and that was just at the BYH booth (that didn't win an award)

and I can't tell you what else I got because I have family that read this
and they are NOSE_EEE and then they are going to
HOPE and DREAM that the gifts I reveal on here are their Christmas gifts
and then imagine the disappointment, jealously, envy, hair pulling, stealing, and bawling
when they open their gift and it was not a BQ featured Christmas Affair gift...
Imagine my holiday stress...

so I leave you with 2 things...
nothing to do on Saturday or Sunday?
head to the Palmer Event Center

The market opens Saturday, November 19th from 10:00am-7:00pm; and Sunday, November 20th from 11:00am-5:00pm. Tickets are $12 per guest. Children 5 years and under may enter at no charge. Strollers and/or pull carts are not allowed in the venue

one stop shopping for Christmas!!!

and 2

the BQ would like to award the BYH girls with....

alrighty peeps...
clear your calendars and head on up to Austin
it won't disappoint!!!
and if you go tell them the BQ sent you *wink*



  1. ^^^^^^ LIKE;)^^^^^^^

  2. It WAS fun! I can't believe I didn't buy one of those cute yarn wreaths!