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Bless Your Heart Giftique is located in Bracken Village. A quaint shopping village on the Northside of San Antonio. Bless Your Heart was established in the fall of 2000. We specialize in all things girly and fabulous!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Here is what our entry list looked like after all entries were collected and numbered!!!

we had 80 entries in all


the list...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Simply Sweet Blog Picture and link

6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Very Merry Mantle Blog Picture and link

11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Kacie’s Southern Fried Christmas Blog Pictures and link

16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Tree of Trees Blog Picture and link

21 Serena Torres said...
Shared this on my FB wall :)
December 5, 2010 5:59 AM

22 ash said...
i love bless your heart so much because i can always find the perfect gift for my family and friends!
December 5, 2010 6:55 PM

23 ash said...
my fav pic from this post is the outside decor. if i owned my home i'd do the outside up just as much as the inside!
December 5, 2010 6:56 PM

24 ash said...
i linked it to my facebook wall!
December 5, 2010 6:58 PM

25 Kacie Leah said...
entered and linked back on my blog! =)
thanks for the chance to win, what a fun contest!!!
December 5, 2010 8:23 PM

26 sweeter than cupcakes said...
I entered the contest and posted a link to the BYH blog!! Yippee! Can't wait to see K&R's decor.
December 6, 2010 12:58 PM

27 GlitterObsessed said...
I love BYH because everything sparkly and gorgeous can be found there. The girls also have such wonderful hospitality. Any girly girl will absolutely fall head over pink rhinestone heels for this boutique ♥
December 6, 2010 6:11 PM

28 GlitterObsessed said...
My favorite picture by far is the advent calendar tree by Hi Sugarplum. It is a wonderful and creative idea- giving you a perfect way to show your crafty side this holiday season. Oh, and what a fantastic way to get the kiddos involved. Love, love, love it ♥
December 6, 2010 6:26 PM

29 GlitterObsessed said...
I am now a follower of the BYH BLOG ♥
December 6, 2010 6:32 PM

30 GlitterObsessed said...
I posted a link on my Facebook wall ♥
December 6, 2010 6:36 PM

31 AggieMother said...
I am now following Bless Your Heart Giftique's Blog!!
December 6, 2010 8:19 PM

32 AggieMother said...
My favorite picture is the modern-like wreath @ Starshine Chic! It is beautiful and eclectic. Thank you for the ideas- I think I may use them in my own house.
December 6, 2010 8:22 PM

33 AggieMother said...
I love Bless Your Heart Giftique because it is the perfect little place to buy gifts for everyone on my shopping list this year and for years to come. K&R and the Blog Queen are the best.
December 6, 2010 8:25 PM

34 Melissa said...
I have a link on my facebook.
Melissa C.
December 9, 2010 8:19 PM

35 Anonymous said...
K, your house is beautiful. Love the pink Christmas tree.
Debbie P.
December 11, 2010 3:20 PM

36 shelley.kindred said...
Dear Santa, I know you're busy so I'm going to keep it simple....all the goodies I want can be fount at BYH! <3 that place!!
December 13, 2010 5:04 PM

37 shelley.kindred said...
I started stalking...oops, i mean FOLLOWING the blog tonight...yay:)
December 13, 2010 5:06 PM

38 shelley.kindred said...
I love the picture of the fireplace and mantel with the simply adorable stockings.
December 13, 2010 5:15 PM

39 shelley.kindred said...
I just shared a link on my FB page...whew, now all I have left is to Tweet;)
December 13, 2010 5:22 PM

40 shelley.kindred said...
voila...I tweeted..YAY:)
Thank you for this very fun contest!
December 13, 2010 5:40 PM

41 Jennifer Uhl said...
My favorite picture on the BLOG is the beautiful mantel @ The Lettered Cottage. The real socks that are used make it super creative and cute.
December 18, 2010 10:39 PM

42 Jennifer Uhl said...
I absolutely ♥ Bless Your Heart Giftique because it is the ultimate place to shop, especially for TOMS! All the girls there are wonderful.
December 18, 2010 10:47 PM

43 Olivia said...
Love love BYH. Even more bc they are some glam aggiesss!
Addicted to all jewelry!!!
December 19, 2010 12:33 PM

44 Olivia said...
Peace wreath is my favorite picture
Inspiring ppl to add a touch of themselves to the holiday season :]
December 19, 2010 12:36 PM

45 Peggy's Possies said...
I loved,loved,loved the home tours. Even got some new ideas...way to go K&R
December 19, 2010 12:38 PM

46 Julie Anne said...
I love BYH because it is the perfect representation of K&R and I;ve known them since our days at JHS! =)
December 19, 2010 12:52 PM

47 Julie Anne said...
...and I am now follow BYH blog!
December 19, 2010 12:53 PM

48 Julie Anne said...
Love the mantel - Southern Hospitality! Reminds me of how my mom decorated for Christmas when she was still with us.
December 19, 2010 12:56 PM

49 Julie Anne said...
linked on my FB page!! =)
December 19, 2010 12:57 PM

50 Becky said...
I just LOVE Bless Your Heart! It has a special place in my heart, since they always have Aggie stuff!
December 19, 2010 1:05 PM

51 Becky said...
I've been following this blog, since Ole Marketplace.
December 19, 2010 1:06 PM

52 Becky said...
I LOVE the wrought iron piece above the mantel with the wreath!
December 19, 2010 1:08 PM

53 Becky said...
Shared the link on my FB wall!
December 19, 2010 1:11 PM

54 Chrissi said...
I love shopping at BYH. I always walk out with at least one thing in my bag.
December 19, 2010 1:16 PM

55 Chrissi said...
LOVE the picture from Little Big Nest
December 19, 2010 1:18 PM

56 cheriemurphy1964 said...
How awesome! You all are my inspiration. I don't think I have ever known a family that delights in decorating (with a theme of course) as much as ya'll! You make me want to be a better Woman, Friend, Wife and Christian! Thanks K&R for being the best!!!! Merry Christmas! Cherie M.
December 19, 2010 3:23 PM

57 Lori said...
Great store!
December 19, 2010 4:02 PM

58 Melissa said...
Hopefully this works!
Melissa C.
December 19, 2010 9:27 PM

59 Melissa said...
I also became a follower!
December 19, 2010 9:28 PM

60 Melissa said...
I love BYH!! I love that ya'll have the Yellow Box and Vera Bradley!!
December 19, 2010 9:34 PM

61 Anonymous said...
luvvvv Bless Your Heart! it's been my "secret" shopping place for over 5 years! love it :D
Arianne C.
December 19, 2010 9:34 PM

62 Anonymous said...
I'm a facebook fan and BYH blog follower! :D
Arianne C.
December 19, 2010 9:36 PM

63 Melissa said...
My fav picture from the post is from Beyond the Picket Fence. Though it may be my fav because of the snow. Also I wish I could decorate my front yard like that.
December 19, 2010 9:37 PM

64 Anonymous said...
My fav pic is the wreath shot from cottage instincts!!!! followed the link and love the whole fireplace scene she created! :D
Arianne C.

65, 66, 67, 68 Miss Debbie’s picture

69, 70, 71, 72 Miss Heidi’s picture

73, 74, 75, 76 Miss Kari’s picture

77, 78, 79, 80 Miss Melissa’s picture

I used my trusty
and a little dusty
to pick 3 winners and
Here it is.....

The 1st Place winner was #70
Miss Heidi's Pretty Pink Window Vingette!!!!
YAY Heidi!!! you won $100 BYH gift card

2nd Place Winner of $75 BYH Gift Card is #38
Shelley Kindred's comment!!!!
YAHOO Miss Shelley

3rd Place and $50 BYH Gift card is #35
Debbie P's comment
Way to go!!!!

NOW WINNERS this is important.... 
you need to contact me at
with all of your info so I can have your 
ready for you TODAY!!!!

 to our winners and 
and I mean 
EVERYONE who entered!!!!
I didn't have to recruit my mom and MIL in this one 
*wink* WINK*

and one more thing
When we reach 50 followers on the BLOG
that is FIFTY!!!!
We are going to have the Biggest BLOG Party Give-Away YET
it is HUGE
K& I were talking about it on our party barge!!!
BTW~ thanks to K&R for a FaNtAsTiCaLLy WoNdErIfIc Christmas Party!!! YOU ROCK!!!
Anywho...we threw around some ideas like
with your friends
maybe some other stuff too!!!

when we reach 50 followers...
get your friends over here to FOLLOW!!!
or be like me and get your mom and MIL over here...
oh wait my MIL is not a follower...
I'll get her.... :)

that's it!!!


1 comment:

  1. I tried to go through the sight above about winning 3rd place and it wouldn't let me. Any other suggestions?

    Debbie P.