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Friday, November 16, 2012

BYH + Austin = Fantabulism

 so what are you going to do this weekend????
well I know where I am going...AGAIN!!!
it is that time of year again!!!
and I do believe this one is the best one yet!!!!
that is why I am going back ... DUH!!!
and look what I put together for you...
ta da....

 we really lucked out on our MYSTERY BOX
we bought something from almost every booth we got a voucher from...
sometimes I only paid $2
and one time I paid
that was awesome
 this booth was SUPER cute and won an award for best new booth
or something like that...
it was worthy what ever the award was....
super adorable with all of their vintage screen doors
 had my voucher so I only paid dos buckaroos for this 

every year I am amazed by the tree
yes it is now termed
every year it is so magical and BEE U TEE FULL
must get a pic in front of the tree
we did
but I can't show you that pic

 so much to see at this booth
can't miss it
just follow the good old country boy singing
coming form the Honey Butter Selling Man 
located right across form them
there are so many signs to choose from
and the stamped spoons 
so cute
PLUS she makes the signs RIGHT THERE
talent... talent... talent

 I just had to add another bracelet to my bracelet party
and OH YEAH is the perfect place to get a 
turquoise hope bracelet
click HERE to head on over to their webpage
 their booth was hoppin
busy little bees
click HERE to stop by their site
 an upside down Christmas TREE
YES PLEASE... I really want one of these
click here to see them on FB
 alrighty... here is all the info
hope to see you there
it really is worth the drive if you are coming from anywhere besides Austin
make a day of it
and I pinky promise you this was (IS) the best one I have been to yet!!!

hey maybe I'll see you there *wink*

and just in case you need a link to the whole SHA-BANG
click HERE


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