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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BQ is not on fire BUT tries her best with the Hunger Games

Am I the only one that is absolutely
positootly clueless when it comes to The Hunger Games
I think I am!!
K&R called me to do a BLOG about their Hunger Games Photo Shoot
and it didn't take them long to figure out...
I don't know anything about the Hunger Games!!!
Nada Zilch Nothing Goose Egg
Here is what I do know...
  1. K&R LOVE The Hunger Games
  2. The movie comes out on Friday
  3. bring in your movie stub all weekend and get 25% off one item
  4. AND tell the BYH babes if you are TEAM Peeta or Team Gale (no clue what that me... just pick one) get 15% off your whole purchase (sale has now expired)
  5. Release Party at BYH Friday
Well that's about it...
since I really only know about 5 things
4 of those things are really BYH things
so that leaves me with
ONE thing...
OH EM GEEE... I really am clueless
(((blushing with embarrassment)))
It must be COOL if the BYH girls (K&R) are CRAZY about it
uber cool
soooooooo in order to do a blog on this....
I am going to head on over to FB and steal some pics and commentary from K&R

Katniss- The GiRL on FiRe
Opening Ceremonies and beautiful..loving the long braid down her back!

she has skillz

another Hunger Games outfit... kinda

watch out Panam... this girl's on fire
country Hunger Games

Greasy needs some meat for her soup...
I am assuming only a HG peep will know what the heck K means by this....

just in case it is cold in the woods... gotta get a fur

glittery girl on fire

this would be a great outfit for Cinna to interview in

in remembrance of Rue

"I think we have a shadow" Katniss " I think her name is Rue" Peeta

TY Rue
the mocking jay

The Mocking Jay is all the rage in Panam...the Clueless Capitol City

the BYH version of The Hunger Games

of course it is...
pink girly
all things FABULOUS

Are you going to the midnight release?

you would be the cutest!!!

another outfit
to wear to the premier

oh and you need to braid your hair....
I need to add that to the list
BECAUSE I knew that
it is all over PINTEREST
so that makes 2 things I know YAY

alrighty there you have it...
BQ is clueless
K&R are loving it
and BYH can style you!!!!


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