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Bless Your Heart Giftique is located in Bracken Village. A quaint shopping village on the Northside of San Antonio. Bless Your Heart was established in the fall of 2000. We specialize in all things girly and fabulous!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BYH girls gone coastal

so the girls went COASTAL!!!
and boy did they have fun!!!!
I wanted to share some of their
FAVE places to go
just in case you want to go
COASTAL too!!!!

first we have BLEU FROG in Corpus
and the girls got their SHOP on!!!!

Every Friday from 3-5 is TGIF
and you can join Bleu Frog for some
wine tasting and some nibbles...
 website here if you want more info

next on the list is

K said it is a must if you are driving through CC
it sho looks DEELISH!!!

Traveling on....

ahhhh look how cute MOMAR is....
oh and R u r cute too!!! (((kisses)))

SUPER CUTE displays

 and there's more!!!!
and MORE...
   so cute!!!

for more info go here for the webpage

and to one of my FAVES...
even though I have NEVER been to
this FANTABULOUS  shop in Rockport
I am Kacie's  bloggy BFF (she doesn't know it but I am)
I have followed her ROCK-n blog since she started it :)

cute  and unique
and did i mention CUTE!!!!!
and look at this CUTE MOMMA Sherrel!!!
she is part owner with her  fab daughter Kacie....

you have to go visit chuck and see all of these custom made goodies KACIE  creates like these boots and

I need one of these!!!
      AWESOME does NOT sum up this girl's talents!!!!
 so show some love and go visit their FB here
and KACIE's BLOG here


k said she LOVED their displays because
they had the perfect amount of chippy paint!!!
and anybody that KNOWS ME...
KNOWS WITHOUT a single doubt in their entire body
that I want this (below) as my bedroom!!!
ORANGE and pink
and teal...
so I am love...
who would need a hubby if you had this bedroom
OK OK I would need him to help me PAY for this FABULOUSNESS
and to set it up and well...
 I hate to leave the above but K sayssssssss........
 they had cute and sassy clothes too
you can visit their FB page HERE

 after the girls got their shop
and nibbles on
they did spend some quality time
on the beach!!!!


and that my friends is

PEACE * LOVE & thanks to all the shops that let K&R take pics of your fabulousness!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! To be in a post with all my favorite places to shop around here...BY one of the cutest places in the world...what an honor!!!!! Thanks sooooooooo much for the mention and sweet words!!!! :) Miss Blog Queen, when are you going to come visit us?!
    Sad I missed seeing the lovely BYH girls, so I guess that means I will just have to come shopping up there! Mom was able to visit the BYH shop in the spring---soo jealous! Hope ya'll are having a great week!