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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OK all you FAB peeps!!!
Let's face it... summer is speeding by!!!
Say it ain't so!!!!
Summertime blues can be cured easily with
a big FAT
and where can you get cupcakes that have 0 calories????

that's where!!!

Who doesn't like LOVE cake mix???
This cookbook is AWESOME...
K&R said so....

alright back to CuPcAkEs...
Random Lollipop!!!

More wonderfully, domestic, with a flair cookbooks!!!

while you eat a cupcake you need to be dripping in
eye popping YUMMIES!!!
Look at these XXX large rings!!!!

wrist icing anyone???

Looky looky
Sookie Sookie!!!
I really like love these cute cute cute necklaces!!!

bright cross necklaces

more wonderfully bright cross necklaces
bright chain bracelets
ZeBrA cross bracelets
WHO doesn't PUFFY HEART that OWL necklace

if you want something small just grab this dainty cupcake charm...
now all you need... is a nice
CuPcAkE towel to wipe
the drool off your face!!!
thanks so much for stopping by my little blog...
 be on the look out for back to school fashions

love your,

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